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Dhaka University violence (5): bridging up the gap August 28, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Dhaka University, POLITICS, University.

Though the Government has controlled the violence and cool down the anarchy, it created a niche in the relation of the Government with the students and teachers in particular and population in general.

Though Government is explaining that the incident is a programmed one, some people may explain this as an expression of the people against the policies and failures of the government.

Recently in the BBC Sanglap (dialogue), the participants which includes academicians and lawyers expressed that the recent violence is the outburst of the people due to multiple factors including the uncontrolled price hike of the essentials, eviction of street vendors and slum dwellers and shutting down of mills and factories etc.

Whether these factors are related with the DU incident absolutely or not, there is no harm in looking into the achievements and failures of the Government and to improve the situation a little better.

There is no doubt that one of the major failures of the government is to control the price of the essentials.

The other failureof the Government is that it causes more people to lose their jobs than it had created.

The third failure of the government is that it damages more houses and shelters than it had made for the people.

But it has some achievements also. It has initiated many good process by this time; such as measures against corruption, preparing the voter list and national ID card ,reform of the public service Commission, steps for separation of judiciary etc.

But people are still in confusion regarding some of the steps of the Government:

why the Government is filing cases against thousands of people at a time? Why so many are being lebelled as criminals?

will the arrested university teachers get due honour in the hands of the law enforcing agencies before they are proved guilty?

Why the Govt is biased to some political parties and individuals ?

Is the monetary policy of the government is absolutely dictated by the World Bank and IMF?

Will the Government keep their commitment to handover the charge to the elected Government by December 2008 ?

Why the presence of the Army in public life is gradually increasing?

Why the Government is not giving permission to indoor politics when the EC is insisting to start the dialogue in September or otherwise the election road map will be jeopardized ?

The ordiary citizens felt relieved with the cooling down of chaos and anarchy following the DU incident and now they are also feeling relieved with the withdwal of the curfew.

We hope that Government will be more cautious in its aproach and clear the confusion of the people more by thier deeds than by their words so that they could keep their confidence on the Caretaker Government and do not feel confused about the intension of the Government when it takes some stern actions against the corrupt and the offenders.

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