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HSC result: some points to ponder August 30, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, EDUCATION.

Higher Secondary School Certificate  Exam result is out. Newspapers headlines “Another year of good achievements’. Under seven Educational Boards 5,33,158 students appeared,  3,49,749 passed ,  at percentage of 64.27% and 10,50,5  got the highest grade GPA-5. The stats are better than the last years.

Still there are some  points to ponder. If 64 % are passing, there left 36% who failed. If you calculate the number in absolute terms then it will stand for 1,83,409.

It is not a small number. Imagine the frustration and physical and financial burden that will fall on these examinees and their parents.

Most of the students are said to be failed in English. The Education Boards must find ways out to salvage the students from the curse of a single subject.

One cannot blame these students absolutely for their failure. Many colleges could not able to provide minimum facilities to the students in relation to physical infrastructure, number of teachers, quality of teachers, adequate laboratory support etc. Our educational institutions need more support both from public and private sector.

It is evident that percentage of failure is more in the rural colleges than the towns and cities reflecting that our rural areas are still neglected.

Again GPA-5  holders are concentrated more in the capital than in other cities and areas. Access to good learning should be distributed uniformly throughout the country. You will find few countries where all facilities are disproportionately concentrated in the capital.

Coaching centers and private tuitions are still important element in our education system. I have seen many students are busier in caching centers and private tuitions then their study and attendance in their own college.

UGC urges the universities to consider admission on the basis of only GPA score. I am not sure how the admission authorities will be able to select students when all are the same category. Our GPA score should be finer where you can identify the better students in small numbers.







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