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Election Commission dialogue: political parties should join September 1, 2007


The Election Commission wants to start dialogue on the reform with the political parties from September. Chief Elction Comissioner retaliated that to start the dialogue is essential for implementing  the  election road map, otherwise the road map will be jeopardized.

The political  parties are in dilemma regarding joining the dialogue with the election commission Most of the major parties were in negative mood to participate in the dialogue before the indoor politics is permitted.

Only very recently, Mr Amir Hussain Amu of AL expressed his ideas in a different tune. He told that AL should participate in the dialogue so that nobody blame AL to delay the Election process. It is AL who presented the recommendations for reform of the  Election Commission duting the regime of last care taker Government, most of which are incorporated in the present proposals of the Election Commission.He also said that a form of ‘indoor politics’ is going on in the country by which different days are observed, interviews with the media are going on and indoor discussions with the party leaders are held. Amu also said that AL need to win the election to free Sk Hasina from the jail.

The ordinary citizen also of the opinion that it will be better for the political parties to join the dialogue of the election commission. If even the Govt does not lift the ban from the indoor politics, it will help them to extend their activities from the present confinement.

It is rightly said by different observers that Govt shouldn’t be given any opportunity to delay the election.

There are quarters who do not believe in election; non participation by the major political parties in the dialogue will encourage them to cling to the power and delay the election and deprive the people of Bangladesh to have a democratically elected Government  for themselves. .

an ordinary citizen





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