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Political drama of Bangladesh: Ex-Prime Minister Khaleda is arrested September 4, 2007

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 Police cordoned of the house of Ex-Prime Minister Khaleda Zia in the early morning of 3rd September BDT of 2007. She was arrested with her younger son Koko who was in the house during the raid. Khaleda was sent to a sub jail after a brief appearance in a magistrate  court where she pleaded for herself and argued that she and her son has made no fault and a plan to destroy her family is going on. She was sent to a sub jail specially designed for VIP prisoner in the Parliament area  where in a nearby house Sk. Hasina is also kept. Koko was taken remand by police for few days.  

The powerful Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) filed cases against Khaleada and her son on which basis they were arrested. Her older son Tareq Zia who was BNP’s senior joint secretary  was arrested earlier on 7th march of this year and since then staying in the jail.  Initially he was also taken remand for few days but no court procedure yet started against him. Police is still searching evidence against him. 

Before her arrest, Kaleda has expelled General Secreatry of BNP Mr. Mannan Bhuiyan and  Joint Secretary of the party Mr Ashraf Hussain. Both were reformists and trying to make changes in the party constitution which include restricting the party chairmantship for 2 terms each of 3 years duration which automatically oust Kaleda Zia from the party leadership.  Khaleda also announced Mr. Delwar Hussain, ex chief whip of the party as the party’s new General Secretary. Though Mannan Bhuiyan and his associates sat together immediately after and declared that Khaleda’s announcement has no implications but it is said that party constitution  gave the party chairman that power. We have to see how BNP deal with this complicacy.

 Barrister Moinul Hussain , the law Adviser the CTG said that with the arrest of Khaleda Zia Government has proved its neutrality which arrested Hasina on 16th July on the charge of extortion  and later framed other cases.

 Mr. Zillur Rahman, acting party president of AL in his reaction blamed the Kaleda’s regime as one of torture and urged not to compare Hasina with Kaleda in the same mode but said that Khaleda also deserve justice.

 Khaleda also said in the court that they need no money. They have done no wrong. Only Court could do the justice. Let the law take its own course. 

Let us see what happens next, how the party reacts , what happen in the party itself and how the legal battle proceeds. 

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