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BNP-intraparty conflicts: which one is the mainstream faction? September 8, 2007



Khaleda before her arrest made a major change in the party- she dismissed Mannan Bhuiyan as the General Secretary and Ashraf Hussain as the Joint Secretary of the party and declared Khondokaer delwar Hussain as the new General Secretary of the party.

Mannan Bhuiyan and  Ashraf Hussain both rejected the dismissal as unconstitutional and asserted that they are very much in the party. Rather Mannan Bhuiyan and his associates are claiming that they are representing the mainstream of the party. On the otherhand, Khondoker Delwar Hussain and his associates are saying that Mannan Bhuiyan and Ashref Hussain are no more in the party and they are representing the party.

Khondoker Delwar Hussain fraction also submitted a letter to the Election Commission that citing the BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s decision of recent changes in the party. The letter was signed by Asstt. General Secretary and submitted along with other documents.

Mannan Bhuiyans also are preparing a letter making their own claim to the EC.

EC is shortly is meeting with the political parties. Accordingly it will send letters to the General Secretary of the registered political parties. So, one of the factions of BNP which EC considers as the mainstream will get the invitation for dialogue.

One of the Election Commissioners said that they will consider the rule of the land and study the constitution of the party to come to a conclusion to determine which one is the mainstream faction. Then the other will have to register with them to participate in the dialogue.

Let us see  what new facts come out and how EC deals with matter.

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