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1973 University Ordinance: ‘was autonomy of the public universities wrong?’ September 9, 2007

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Dr. Kamal Hussain, veteran lawyer and politician who was the Law Minister during 1973 when university ordinance of 1973 was promulgated asked the question whether the autonomy given to the university in 1973 ordinance was wrong in a round table discussion held recently in the capital.

Controversy arises as the teachers of the universities become more politicalised, they identify themselves with the colour and campaign for elections, they keep alignment with the political parties, give promotions and privileges to the teachers on political alignments, give classes and recruit the teachers with political bias.

They are less devoted to the academic and research activities; they produce few original articles or research papers that published in international journals.

They are more interested to take classes in the private universities than their own universities. They remain engaged in university hours to their own business or consultation outside.

The politicalisation of the teachers become more exposed during the recent violence in Dhaka University where it is said that some teachers of the university instigated the students to violence. 2 teachers from Dhaka University and few more from Rajshahi University were arrested in this connection. Before that violence , the same teachers were involved in organizing protest in the campus against the arrest of a top political brass.

We are not against university autonomy. But we should not forget that these universities are run by tax payers money. We do not like to see our universities to be the sit of politics. We like to see our universities to be the centre of academic excellence and centre of research. We do not like to see our children loss their valuable years in session jam and come out from the university as political activist rather than a man of knowledge and skill to be successful in their practical life.

We atleast want to see the public universities free of politics.

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1. Mahmud Hasan - December 26, 2009

No doubt your writing is an excellent in the sense that public universities should be free from politics. It is snatching many days from my life as I am a public university student. I would become really happy if I could see that the authority of our country and the social powers would raise their strong voice against this nasty politics going on in the public universities.

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