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AL should join the Election Commission dialogue September 10, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION.

Zillur Rahman, Acting President of Awami League said that AL will not join the dialogue with Election Commission and no council also will be held without the release of Hasina .

Not mentioning the reformist in the party, the acting General Secretary of AL, Amol Bosh  also differs with Zillur says that AL should join the dialogue.

The ordinary citizen also thinks that joining dialogue with EC would be good for AL as a party.

AL is a party of long political heritage and it has role in every democratic movement of the country including the great liberation war of Bangladesh. Nobody would be able to uproot AL from the soil of Bangladesh.

Still rational decision is necessary to come out of the difficult periods in a party’s life.

The reform proposal which projected by the EC are basically proposed by AL. If AL does not join the dialogue then other will take the opportunity and AL will be sidelined from the dialogue.

What is needed at the moment for Bangladesh and for the party is to prepare the ground for a free and fair election. Avoiding dialogue will make the process more complex.

If Al does not join the dialogue and if other parties participate in the dialogue, then Al will be out of the scenario.

Al should not mix up battle for release of Hasina with decision for dialogue with EC. Rather for Hasina they should intensify the legal effort and keep the spirit high so that it can win the next election.

As someone said ‘winning election is necessary to free Hasina from the jail’.

An ordinary citizen


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