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Bangladesh:curtain of indoor politics is withdrawn September 11, 2007


Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Chief Adviser in a televised speech declared the indoor politics open from 10th September, 2007.

Later in a circular from Home Ministry some conditions were imposed  for  the activities such as the permission is applied only for the capital city; party offices, community centers, hotels can be used for meeting; prior information of any meeting would have to be given to the police authority; for  meeting of more than 50 persons  permission from the Home Ministry would be needed; no live TV casting is allowed  but news of the meeting can be telecasted and printed etc.

The move was acclaimed by all political parties and people from all walks of life but many hope that the restrictions would be gradually relaxed.

All party offices were open except BNP which was kept closed by police as the dispute between the two factions is not over.

Workers of AL flocked to their office and expressed rejoice for allowing the indoor politics. BNP workers lead by Khondoker Delwar Hussain and Major Akhteruzzaman came to the party office but not allowed to enter into the office by the police. Workers of the other parties also gathered in their party offices.

The Chief Election Commissioner said in his reaction to the declaration that with the withdrawal of the ban on indoor politics there is no hurdle remain for dialogue for reform and hope that the election map would be implemented as scheduled.

But the Law Adviser cautioned that the political parties shall maintain the limit of their freedom and utilize the opportunity for reform of the party and facilitate election process of the country in dialogue with the Election Commission.

We also hope that the parties will rise to the occasion, will make necessary reforms in the party, participate in the dialogue with the Election Commission and prepare the ground for a meaningful change of the Government through a free and fair election by December, 2008.

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