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Flood hits Bangladesh again September 15, 2007


Flood hits Bangladesh again only after a gap of 3 to 4 weeks. One third of Bangladesh with 40 districts inundated by this time. All the major river rises above the danger level. Many new areas have gone under water along with some of the old areas. The misery of the people multiplied, new crops have been damaged, businesses stopped, new death occurs. Sirajgang district is again the most affected town.

The second flood occurs again due to excess of water coming from India through our rivers and contributed to some extent by the incessant rain in last week.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus in a key-note paper presented in the symposium on Changes in Climate held recently in Seoul said that Global warming has its adverse effect on Bangladesh. 40 % of Bangladesh is less than 1 meter higher than the sea level. Every year sea level is increasing 3 mm. 15 crore of people is already confined in a land of 1 lac 44 thousand sq miles. He commented that flood and Bangladesh become synonymous. To many of the world, change of climate may be a matter of anxiety but to the people of Bangladesh it is the question of survival.

Dr. Yunus also said that rich countries are polluting the environment and the poorer are bearing the burden. He suggested for changing the life style in such a way that it does not affect the environment.

We are worrying what is waiting for Bangladesh and how the people of Bangladesh will survive in future against all these odds!

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