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The cartoon, Daily Prothom Alo and consequences September 21, 2007

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A cartoon was published in the ‘Alpin’, a satiric magazine of The Daily Prothom Alo on the 17th September 2007 where the cartoonist used the word ‘Mohammad’ in the dialogue which has created much reaction in the religious community.

Different religious group protested the publication in the daily.

In response , Government confiscated the edition of the magazine, arrested the cartoonist and suspended the publication of the magazine.

The Editor of the Daily also seek apology for the mistake, suspended the departmental editor and cancelled the contract with the cartoonist.

The Law Adviser Barrister Mainul Hussain and the Adviser for Religious Affairs Major General (Ex) Mr. Matiur Rahman met with the Editors and the Religious leaders to compromise the matter, where Editor of Prothom Alo , Motiur Rahman seek apology for the mistake they made in publishing the cartoon and Mr. Obaidul Huq, respected Khatib of Baitul Mukarraam urged all not to create any agitation out of the issue. The other religious leaders were also of the same opinion of Khatib.

The Editors of 13 dailies in a joint statement also urged all to accept the apology of the Daily Prothom Alo editor.

But on Friday, processionists tried to seize thte Prothom Alo office but police dispersed them.

The publication of the carton is a gross mistake which hurts the sentiments of many and in a country like Bangladesh you can not expect a daily like Prothom Alo to publish such a cartoon.

The cartoon is not only a sign of lapse in the management of the Daily but also sign of decay in the moral standard and respect to religion in the young generation.

The religious leaders should better concentrate their effort to educate our children and youth in religion.

Government has tried its best to pacify the situation and it should also remain vigilant so that no one take the opportunity out of the issue to create a law and order situation and religious terrorism is encouraged in our country.

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Photo: courtesy-Daily Star


1. Mohammad - December 14, 2007

There was nothing wrong with that cartoon.
The incident just shows how intolerant, ignorant and brainwashed some people could be.

2. Dr Humayun Kabir - September 28, 2008

The incent shows a very mean level of morality of the cartoonists when they do not consider the feeling of other peoples. Attacking peoples feeling especially the muslim does not mean a bavery rather it is most the heinous and cowardly act that have been trained to perpetrate.

3. sadia - January 11, 2012

nobody should say anything negative about any religion not even in fun.

4. biplob - May 22, 2012

i hate this paper

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The Daily Online News24.com is an online news portal for Bangladeshi. The Daily Online News provides breaking news, latest news and selected news from world’s popular news site.

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