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AL is looking beyond the dialogue September 25, 2007

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AL initially reluctant to the sit with the Election Commission, now thinking of measures that will shape the future of AL and its political allies.

Al is now exchanging views with its allies and wants to remain strict to the 30 points demands they put forward to the last Election Commission. AL wants that all the members of the 14 party would put the same proposals to the Election Commission.

Whether putting the same proposals to the Election Commission is necessary and make the dialogue monotonous or whether the proposal by than dozen political parties would make the EC a little strained, that is to see.

But what seems to be more clear is that AL is preparing ground for the next election and wants to maintain the political alliance it has formed earlier.

To the eye of the Government these steps may look to be a little earlier as the elections is still far away and main focus of the indoor politics should be the reform proposals with the election commission.

CEC has expressed his hope for withdrawal of ban from the indoor politics in other parts of the country to facilitate the election process. In reply to the questions put forward by the journalists , Law Adviser Barrister Moinul Hussain said that Government is willing to withdraw the emergency rule but it depends on how the political parties are behaving.


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