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Constitutional Council is set to form September 25, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.

CTG is advancing to form a constitutional Council. This council will be responsible for selecting competent persons for appointment in the constitutional posts such as judges of appellate division, Chairman and members of the PSC, Charmana and memberes of Election Commission, Acti-corruption Commission,Accountant General, Ombudsman.

The council will be headed by the Chief Justicce and composed of 7-11 members. The council may take the advice of the experts from outside. The council will recommend to the President who will make the final choice.

It is said that constitutional ammendent will not be required to form the council as there is provision in the constitution for the President to consult with others for this appointment.

The formation of the Council is felt as the appointments in these constitutional posts during in the past regimes created much controversies, were partisan and sometimes created deadlock in the administration and in the country.

In other countries also there is existance of the Constitutional Council to support the Governemnt to make the best and uncontroversial selection for the nationally important posts in the Government. In our region Sri Lanka is an example.

The composition of the Council would be important. Chief Justice is chsen as he is the symbol of Justice in our country. But our political system became so partisan that we have make the post of Chief justrice controversuial in the recent past. So one have to check this politcalisation of the post of the Chief Justice itself or look for other alternative.

The members of the Council must be neutral, noncontroversial and must be representative of different sections of people and be independent in giving jugdement. It is said academically fit, honest, skillful with good recod in the past persons will be made the members of the Council.

Formation of the Council will be a new addition in our consttutional restruturing of our system which is warmly accepted by the experts. Many suggest to publicise the draft so that experts can participate in the processing of the formation of the Council.

The Constitutional provision also should be reevluated as in our constitution the President is not independent to make the appointemnts without the recommendation of the Prime Minister exept the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice.


One question remain-how the next political goverment will evaluate the formation of the council and what compulsions are there for the political governemnts to follow the new introduction?

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