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Coal Policy under process September 29, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.


Government is preparing a coal policy on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee headed by Abdul Matin Patwari, ex-VC of BUET.


The Committee had talked with the Save Oil, Gas, port and Electricity Movement, Citizen Commission and many other organizations and individuals. It is reviewing the suggestions put forward by them.


Government is thinking of energy security of the country till 2050. In that case there is no scope for export of coal to other countries.

Bangladesh has reserve of 117 crore (1168m) metric ton. If the total coal is collected by underground method, then only 24 crore could be collected. And if the open pit coal mining is used , then 110 crore could be collected.

It is not possible for a single system to be better for mining. In that case both the underground and open pit method may be used.

By 2025, the demand for electricity would be 42000 megawatts with 8% increase in each year. Among this 33000 will come from coal. With this background there is no scope for export of coal.

But there is possibility of finding cooking coal in our pits which are used in Steel Industry. This coal may not be wise to use for production of electricity . This coal can be exported to other country.

The Advisory Committee is not in support of any particular method. That will depend on the condition of the individual mine, the availability of technology and the sorrounding environment. They are against any single method.

An ordinary citizen

Ref: Prothom Alo, 15th September, 2007


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