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Chief Adviser speaks at UN September 30, 2007



Chief Adviser of Bangladesh Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has made an speech at the plenary meeting of the 62nd United nations General Assembly on thursday, 27th September, 2007.

The Chief Adviser assured the UN of holding a free, fair meaningful election in Bangladesh by the end of 2005.

He said that his government has pledged to put Bangladesh on a higher trajectory of good governance, rule of law and development.

In his 15 minute speech he depicted a pen picture of bad state of democracy, political violence and rampant corruption of the past the lead to the events before 1/11, the day the emergency rule was imposed in Bangladesh under the Caretaker Government.

He highlighted the efforts of his government in reconstruction of Anti-Corrution Commission, National Human Rights Commission and fighting religious fundamentalsism on domestic plane.

On international issues, he pleaded for duty free access of LDCs products, free labour movement, UN peace keeping, Climate Change and an effective UN.

He devoted most of his time on Bangladesh’s political scenario and the role of his Care Taker Government.

‘Bangladesh represents an effective model of civil-military cooperation in crisis prevention.’ he said in conclusion adding ‘our experience in crisis management could be relevant for many crisis torn,nascent democracies’.

An ordinary citizen

Ref: The Daily Star, BSS, Prothom Alo- 27/9/07


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