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‘Massive reforms in short time may backfire’ October 1, 2007



Former Adviser Akbar Ali Khan yesterday said that undertaking wide spread reforms within a short time may affect the country adversely is more than possibility.

He was speaking in the 4th‘Policy Debate on Reforms’ by Centre for Governance Studies (CGS) at a city Hotel where several other former Advisers, experts, politicians were also present.

Akbar told that instead of undertaking gradual reforms, it seem that they are undertaking big bang reforms, what is likely to have adverse rather than positive effects in the country. He said that big bang reforms entail dismantling institutions, structures and rebuilding from the scratch –which can have dangerous consequences if carried out within a short time.

He added ‘we have to try to reconcile our emotions with hard, political realities. We can’t give in to our emotion to change everything that we dislike right away.

There is a notion among the public, which is rather common that the present Care Taker Government has taken up more agenda than they could accomplish perfectly. This notion of the common people is expressed in the language of AKbar Ali Khan.

But are all these maneuver are out of emotion and Government has no calculation of his own. An individual can be emotional but not a collective group of leadership. So Government must have its own calculation.

But the ordinary citizen can also ask -were all these necessary- the wide spread reforms, the arrests, the cases? Will Government be able to complete all its task before it leaves by December 2008? Will the foundation be strong enough by this time so that the reform would be continued in future? Or the hastily done reform will be collapsed and backfired as predicted by Akbar Ali Khan?

Let us wait and see and let the Government make necessary adjustment in cool brain if any.

An ordinary citizen


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