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‘EC is not trying to control political parties’ October 2, 2007


CEC Shamsul Huda Chowdhury said on 30/9/07 that Commission is not trying to control the political parties through proposed provision for mandatory regulation for them.

He was commenting on the observation by some leaders of AL and Workers Party that EC’s proposal for mandatory registration of political parties is an attempt to control them.

EC had already talked with three political parties and will talk with twelve more. CEC said ‘Essential decision will be taken after the dialogue.’

He was speaking in a meeting for exchange of views in Chittagong ahead of preparing fresh voter list with Photographs and National ID cards of the city area.

CEC added ‘Registration of political parties is a must to ensure transparency and accountability with them’.

The other commissioners also asserted that EC is not trying to control political parties.EC Commissioner Sohul Hussain said ‘ We just want to ensure transparency and practice of democaracy within the political parties. Financial transparency and accountability is an imperative within political parties that will contest to run the country’.

‘In  absence of a system of registration of political parties, the Election Commission does not have any information about them’. But once the registration will be done, the political parties will be officially obliged to inform the commission  about any change within themselves, he said.

‘Once the registration is introduced, the political parties will have to submit their annual audit report of income and expenditure.

The ordinary citizen also thinks that politics shouldn’t be a game without rules and shouldn’t be allowed for each and everyone the way he likes to play. It must be well regulated, transparent and accountable.

 We don’t want to go back to the situation of  before 1/11.  

An ordinary citizen

Ref: Daily Star 30/09/07, 1/10/07


1. president - October 31, 2007


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