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TIB reports corruptions in NGOs in Bangladesh October 6, 2007

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Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Research Officer Shadhan Kumar Das presented a study titled ‘Problems in good governance in the NGO sector: the way forward’ in a discussion meeting at Cirdap Auditorium in the capital recently. TIB trustee Board chairman Professor Mujaffar Ahmed presided over the meeting.

The study took into account the activities of 20 NGO’s operating in different districts of six division in the country. On them, one is an international NGO, eight are national NGOs and 11 are local NGOs.

The study observed that many NGO’s are registered with the government in exchange of bribes and some of those have existence only in paper and the government officials assisted them in the process.

The range of corruption could not be assessed as the NGOs did not provide TIB with adequate information and the NGO chiefs did not cooperate properly. The study said.

Due to lack of transparency and autocratic attitude of the NGO chiefs, an environment is created where corrupt practices become obvious. They are not accountable to the beneficiaries, rather to the donors’ TIB Chairman said. There are only a few NGOs that receive 90 % of the resources from the donors, he added.

TIB Trustee Board Chairman cautioned that involving politics with rights-based activities may bring about dangerous result.

The study found that the NGO activities are inflated to the donors to bring money for addressing problems that are actually artificial.

The Author said that due to weak institutional framework, the NGO Affairs Bureau cannot monitor the NGO activities, while the NGOs give more than enough gifts to the donors to satisfy them and cover up their irregularities.

The study said that selection of employees and selection of auditors are not regular. The procurement process of the materials is also not transparent. Retired high officials are appointed in the Governing body to help in the administration.

The study recommends a) formation of an independent umbrella body to monitor the NGOs’ activities b) formulation of a guideline for formation of governing bodies c) making all information of the NGO’s available to the stakeholders d) holding the NGOs accountable to the government, donors and beneficiaries.

The ordinary citizen had also bad experience with NGO. When he was about to have a contract with an NGO, he was cautioned not to poke into the deep of the matters.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script:


The Federation of NGOs in Bangladesh reacted strongly against disclosure of the facts in the study and also the comment passed by the Chairman of TIB.

Ref: The Daily Star, Prothom Alo 5/10/07, Daily Star 6/10/07


11 Nov 07

Akbar Ali Khan, Ex Adviser said that the NGOs are becoming business minded. Very few NGO’s has got transparency and accountabilty.

13 Nov 07

NBR asked the commercial bbanks to freeze all the accounts of Proshika Cahirperson Quazi Faroque Ahmed and his family members.




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2. Golam Morshed, London, UK - August 4, 2008

I don’t think that anyone involved in the NGO sector in Bangladesh (as well as in most poor/developing countries) will be surprised with the revelation. This is a known fact and NGOs must preach what they practice. From my experience of working in NGOs in Bangladesh, Africa and in Europe, I noticed that when NGOs obtain funds from limited number of foreign sources they are likely to be less transparent or accountable to local people, as long as they can somehow satisfy the visiting project officer of the funding organisation. While in countries like UK, NGOs/charities raise fund from general public they are more sensitive to the reaction in media and by individual donors, hence more accountable.

Golam Morshed
London, UK

3. shumon - January 6, 2009

Friend of mine has been a trainee in the NGO in bangladesh. She witnessed all the corruption of Bangladeshi NGO. Is there any 1 has got any idea how can we make a report this corruption to the Donor for these NGO ‘s. As a witness my friend might be able to help. She knows ins and outs of their corruption. please email me: shumon_70@yahoo.com, or phone: 00447737642578, Portsmouth, UK.

4. bdoza - January 6, 2009

You can contact Transparency International Bangladesh first.

5. The Peoples - January 25, 2010

Thousands of Suits / Litigations are pending in Different Courts of Bangladesh due to illegal occupation of land ignoring documents and title right by miscreants.
The officials of Land Survey Department, District Settlement Office and all Subordinate Office concerning the Land Administrations are also responsible for many of the litigations and anomalies. As they are responsible for prepare and maintain records & parcha and other related documents of land willfully in the name of some other people or concern ignoring deed & title right. depriving the actual land owner.
Such type of corrupt practices of officials of Land Survey Department, Settlement Offices including related subordinate offices upto uphajila level are known to all corner..
It shall continue as the officials of the above organizations can not be made responsible nor they can be taken to the court for loss and damages of owner of land since the colonial period to till date. Correction of records, parcha & related documents of concerned lands at present are very much complicated , lengthy and expensive system. Due to which majority of effected person can not efforts due to which loss of legal right of ownerships of his land by this time the illegal occupier changes the faces or position of the lands depriving the actual owner.
Government may come forward to take immediate steps to ensure accountability at all stages of land survey department including settlement office and other land related subordinate offices against manipulation and malpractices during land survey, preparation of Records , Parcha and Mouja Map in the name of force full occupier of land or other organizations.
Experts opinions are that application TORT LAW ensure the process of accountability & prevent existing malpractices by officials in most of the countries & also help the process of prolong litigation which yields no result finally. TORT LAW also protect poor people becoming more and more poor due to repression, oppression It will be highly appreciated if you kindly circulate the above to all level for creation of awareness among the peoples , international community as well as patriot political worker. leader or intellectual group, & policy maker of Bangladesh .
The Peoples

6. sonia - September 6, 2011

this article will be helpful for my research topic “corruption in NGOs”.

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