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Truth Commission for Businessmen is facing all-out criticism October 7, 2007


Few days back Law Adviser Barrister Moinul Hussain disclosed that Government is thinking of forming Truth Commission for Businessmen as the economy of the country is affected because of the arrest of the businessmen, the business community is not gaining confidence and the business houses are in difficulty in carrying out their work because of the absence of their bosses.


The concept of Truth Commission is not new for Bangladesh. The Truth Commission or like were formed in many countries for confession of the crimes and reconciliation such as in South Africa etc.


But immediately after the disclosure of the idea, criticism from different quarters poured in for considering a special quarter separately. Many raise the question why the businessmen will be considered separately? They are equally at fault for rampant corruption that is prevailing  in our country for years. As someone says the politicians, beau crates and the businessmen form the unholy alliance to make illegal money in our country.


Many argue that if there is any Truth Commission it should be for all. In the constitution , there is no provision for any section to be considered separately. All are same to the eyes of the law.


Many argued that the Government unnecessarily magnifying the role of arrested businessmen. The release of the businessmen will have no impact on the economy or the price of the essentials rather it may encourage more corruption by the businessmen in future.


The ordinary citizen feels that if the Government thinks of forming Truth Commission, it should form it for all. All section of corrupts whether politicians, businessmen, beau crates or professionals should be allowed to get the opportunity to confess, surrendered their wealth earned illegally , quit politics (politicians) or lose their jobs (beau crates & professionals). It may decrease the legal and physical load of the Government and save the Government from lengthy legal complexity. It will also allow the Government to focus attention to other important issues.


But before coming to a decision, the Government must rethink that privileges to the corrupts do not jeopardize its own declared objective of forming a new society and giving a  solid foundation for democracy in Bangladesh.


An ordinary citizen. 





1. Zulkernine - October 18, 2007

The corrupted people must be punished. Every body is aware that the present situation of our country is the result of the endless corruption of businessmen and their allied politician. We are protesting such type of “Truth commission” to save the corrupted businessman. They destroyed our economy. If the government think that by saving this black sheep of our nation its against the interest of the civil society of Bangladesh.In the long run it will increase the corruption of our country.
Unfortunately there are some person in the government who is trying to do favor of these corrupted businessmen. some people say that one of our powerful adviser of the present government hide his brother in law’s corruption who was one of the state minister of previous government elected from Barisal region. There was some news of his corruption in the daily news paper in that time. but he is totally saved by his strong shelter. its open secret. We appreciate the action of the present government against the corruption and hope that they will take the right action to uproot the corruption and violence (economical, racial, gender, religious, political).
Peace Force and Joy
Zulkernine, Paris

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