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Government of National Consensus: ‘Opinion of people is more important than that of politicians’ October 12, 2007


Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury ex-President Bangladesh on Monday  8th October  2007  in an Iftar Party placed a proposal for a ‘Government of National Consensus’ as a senior citizen of the country to overcome the present political crisis of the country. He urges for understanding and cooperation of political parties for this. The Ifter party was attended by many leaders of different political parties.

In an immediate reaction to the media, Zillur Rahman, Acting President of AL commented that the idea of National Consensus Government is an idea of a strong Governemt, but later he refuted the idea.

Mannan Bhuiyan , leader of the Reformist group of BNP appreciated the idea and  said that National consensus can occur partly before and partly after the election.

Hasanul Hoque Inu of Jashad also expressed the same opinion.

Ershad also supported the idea of the Government of National consensus.

But BNP rejected the idea and said that there is no basis for a political party with no  base to float the idea. Khaleda Zia through her lawyer expressed her difference with the idea and said, “when the Election Commission has declared a road map for election by December 2008, then why the proposal for a National Consensus Government? National Consensus Government can only form after the election or in case of political crisis and natural calamities. At present Bangladesh is not passing through such a phase”

Jammat e Islami also against  the idea as they said ‘there is no provision of consensus government in the constitution’.

AL also expressed its stand against the formula  Zillur Rahman said, “There is no significance of such a formula before the Election. It is like putting cart before the horse. Only after election  such an issue can be discussed. Then it will be assessed whether a one party Government or a Consensus Government will be better for the country.” He termed  B Chowdhury’s formula as premature.

What seems to be significant to the ordinary citizen is the idea expressed by Dr. Kamal Hussain, eminent lawyer and politician. He said, “It is not important what the politicians are saying. It is more important what the people are thinking. Are they thinking in favour of National Consensus Government?”

It is true that people do not want to go back to the state of before 1/11. People do not want to go back to the same conventional politics of corruption, conflict and politicalisations of the institutions. People want s corruption free fair society.

Is the National Consensus Government a way out for people to come out from  the grip of corrupt politicians then people will accept it .

But how the voice of the people would be heard? So the media, both print and electronic ,must  reach the people, not only the political leaders, and ventilate their opinion in the media.

And in the long run, Government can arrange a referendum on the issue of forming a National Consensus Government.

The legal experts may look into the constitutional validity of this procedure.

An ordinary citizen.


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