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E-governance can deliver the service to the doors of the common people October 13, 2007

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By proper application of IT, the local government structures can be strengthened and good governance can be taken to a long distance. It is possible to deliver the service of the government to the doors of the common people. This was expressed by the participants in a workshop.

The workshop was arranged in Bhashani Novotheatre on 7th October 2007 jointly by the Access to Information Program of the Office of the Chief Adviser and Department of Local Government. All the City Corporations, Local Government Directorate of 6 divisional cities, Dhaka and Chittagong WASA, Tongi Municipality, Loudip Union Parishad and executives and representatives of different Ministries and Departments attended the day long workshop.

In the workshop, representatives of different local Government Institutions projected the plan and program of their institutions and analyzed the strength, weakness, opportunities and obstacles of their institutions and assessed the prospect of the E- governance Project in Bangladesh.

Opportunities have been created thorough E- governance to deliver the service to the door of the people. The opportunity must be utilized. This workshop was organized as a step in the continuous effort for developing an E-Government Service for the Government by the Access to Information Program with the technical support of United Nations Development Fund (UNDP).

The ordinary citizen is feeling dismay that while many countries including our neighbor already implemented the E-governance in their country, our exercise is limited within the workshop. We must come out of this inertia and implemented the e-governmence service as early possible in our institutions and organizations of the Government.

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