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Is EC in delemma to ask which group of BNP to dialogue? October 21, 2007


There was a news in the media that EC is calling Delwar Hussain, pro-Khaleda BNP leader to the dialogue with the EC. Delwar and Hannan Shah seems to be joyous over the matter.On the other hand, Mannan Bhuiyan and Ashraful  of the other faction were expressing their doubt and dismay over the matter.

Later CEC cleared the confusion saying that they have not  yet decided which faction is going to be invited for dialogue.He said that when they will decide they will decide it in a body.

He also stated that the decision will be taken in the light of the party constitution which he acknowledged that he has not read yet.

But the constitutionof BNP is itself not democratic, rather dictatorial and concentrated all the power in the hands of the chairperson who can take any major decision by herself.

In that case, the decision on the basis of the party constitution only will not be rational.

The ordinary citizen would rather prefer an earlier statement of the CEC few months back where he told that the mainstream faction will be determined by the rules of the land, party constitution and other necessary considerations.

Or is it possible to ask both the factions to dialogue separately before it is decided by the court which group represent the mainstream of the party? This theory imay be applicable in relation to the factions of the other major parties also.

An ordinary citizen


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