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Separation of Judiciary (2): developments October 26, 2007

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In response to the Admin Cadre reaction, Barrister Moinul Hussain, Law Adviser said that he would meet with the secretaries and hope to come to a solution as these people are part of the government . If they have any grievance they can put it to the government.

Later the cadre leaders met with the Adviser and put their demands which they didn’t disclose publicly nor the Adviser told much in the public.

Then it was understood that Government is considering to accommodate some of the demands of the Admin cadre. These are-

1) to return some of the judicial power to the administrative officials

2) to remove the discrepancy between the service experiences required for the admin and judicial cadres to be absorbed in the judicial service

3) to prepare separate rooms for the judicial magistrates and not to vacate the offices and spaces occupied by the Admin Cadre magistrates

But the adjustment will ultimately depend on the approval of the Supreme Court.

Different organizations and individuals condemn the attitude and emotions expressed by the Admin Cadre. Among those are Association of Judicial Service, Supreme Court bar Association, Dr. Kamal Hussain and others .

Many appreciated the mover of the Government to separate the Judiciary. Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, Justice Naimuddin, Ex Adviser Akbar Ali Khan, AL, NAP are among them..

Some demanded the punishment of the Admin cadre officers who violated the code of conduct of the Government Service and dishonor the Court.

A case has been filed against 5 officers of the Admin cadre who were accusing the Government in the meeting for his attempt to separate the Judiciary from the Administration.

Rokonuddowla , the magistrate has been withdrawn from the magistracy and turned into an OSD. He also publicly seek apology for his mistake in the meeting.

Barrister Aminul Islam, President oof the Bar Association has expressed that the preventive power of magistracy will lie with the civil admin magistrates and there is no need of alteration of the set rules. Any deviation of the set rules will go against the spirit of separation, he said.

In spite of all the hue and cry about the separation, the Government is determined to separate the Judiciary officially on the 1st November 2007.

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