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War criminals escaped trial: whom to blame? October 29, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.

Demand for trail of war criminals is increasing. The issue rose because the Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary Mujahid after meeting with the Election Commission commented to the waiting journalist that there is no war criminals and never was in Bangladesh. Different political groups and individuals including the sector commanders condemned his remarks and demanded the trail of war criminals.

Thereafter, Shah Abdul Hannan, a think tank for Jamata-e –Islami and who served as a Secretary during last AL regime in the talk show on ETV as quoted in the Daily Star of 28 October 2007 said, “There was an Awami League government until 1975 and there was another Awami League government in 1996, under which I worked as a secretary and I was even close to the administration. But they never thought of trying war criminals. Another major party BNP was in power during the rule of Ziaur Rahman and later came to power thrice, and at no point did they try to hold trials of the war criminals”. Nor any trial was thought during the Ershad regime.

He also added, ”Since no one is making any claim and there are no cases filed with the court, Bangladesh government is the entity that can file a case and has never filed a case against anyone. I will continue to say there are no war criminals in this country until the government files a case against anyone..”

In the editorial on 28th October 2007, the daily star said that it was a liberation war not a civil war.It said that they are denying because they have been politically rehabilitated. It asked “Are we not to be blamed for allowing them the political space because of the very narrow partisan interest of one political party or the other?”

We are now demanding the trial of the war criminals from the Care taker Government but the CTG is already overburdened with its many programs. Let the political parties come to a consensus that they will not go into any alliance, open or secret, with JI and whichever party wins in the election it will take necessary steps to form the war tribunal and punish the war criminals.

Let the people also reject the war criminals in the next election.


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