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Feedback from the citizens to the Chief Adviser October 30, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.

“Dear Citizen, the Honorable Chief Adviser would like to hear from you. If you want to provide any suggestions, comments, views about anything of relevance to Government/governance, you may please write it down in the space provided below.Full confidentiality will be maintained in every case

If you like you may fill in the form provided and identify yourself or stay anonymous.”

This is an appeal from the Chief Adviser’s Office to the people of Bangladesh. CAO has recently add feedback in its website (www.cao.gov.bd) and add an email (feedback@omo.gov.bd) for the public to communicate directly with the highest office of Bangladesh Government.

It is a very prudent step taken by the CAO. We appreciate the idea. It will create a direct way of communication for the citizens to covey their opinion and ideas to the Chief Adviser. In this world of technological advancement, direct information could be gathered by using the web and e-mail.

It is also nice that Government is trying to develop broad based web sites for its different ministries.

These web facilities must be extended to the directorates, departments and offices. Few weeks back, the ordinary citizen while exploring found the website of Public Service Commission(PSC) ill developed and web site of BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & dental Council) absent.

It is now needed that all these web sites are complete in content and updated regularly.

Each individual ministry, directorate and central offices of the Government can also develop and float interactive and feedback system.


An ordinary citizen




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