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Melodrama in the dead of night in BNP October 31, 2007

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The the members of the standing committee of BNP met in the dead of night of 29th the of October 2007 in the house of Saifur Rahman, Senior Vice President and

Ex Finance Minister of BNP. The noted absentee is Mannan Bhuiyan, likely for technical reason and Delwar Hussain who didn’t respond to the invitation.

The Standing Committee took dramatic decisions beyond one’s expectation and beyond the imagination of the ordinary citizen. Saifur Rahman is made Acting Chairman of BNP and Major(Ex) Haizuddin is entrusted the responsibility of the General Secretary of the party. The expulsion decision of Mannan Bhuiyan and Ashraf Hussain is cancelled.

Apparently for the last few days there was an attempt by the party seniors and pressure from the part activists to make an unity between two factions of the party. But the response from Delwar Hussain to accept the ousted Mannan Bhuiyan and Ashraf Hussain was not encouraging.

And suddenly this melodrama staged in the dead of the night. Saifur Rahman explained that a party cannot depend on a single person. With time and situation the policy and strategy of the party would be changed.

Hafizuddin, the new general Secretary declared that those who are not accepting the new committee would be considered out of the party.

These entire moves made in hasty to settle the issue to whom the Election Commission will send the invitation. The EC has set 7th November 2007 for dialogue with BNP.

Delwar Hussain who is sick and lying in the hospital said to journalists that the new committee has no constitutional basis and Khaleda Zia has no endorsement to the committee.

Hannan Shah said his post has been hijacked and he has never seen in his life one’s post to be hijacked in such a way.

There may be more episodes waiting in the serial for us to see.

An ordinary citizen


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