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Extending the scope of Truth Commission November 1, 2007



Formation of Truth Commission is underway. A Special Committee has been formed to formulate the necessary rules and regulation of the Truth Commission. Initially it was thought only for the businessmen as economy is being affected because of the arrest of businessmen and remain behind the bar for long. As an alternative they now will confess the guilt and refund the money they illegally acquired.

Initial proposal for the privilege only for the businessmen was criticized from different fronts. Question arises why the politician and others will not get the opportunity. Considering the reaction from the public and experts, Government has given a second thought to the idea and is making necessary adjustment.

Barrister Moinul Hossain, Law Adviser said that the committee is working on accommodating the politicians and for that it is taking a little more time. The politicians if they feel guilty of corruption they will confess and they will be barred from politics and they may escape jail.We guess that the politicians will also return their money illegally earned.

Still questions remain unanswered. What will happen to the beau crates and professionals? I think the law should be extended to cover the beau crates and professionals. They also should be allowed to confess the guilt, return the money and lose their job.

By extending the scope of Truth Commission, the Government would be able to clean the business, politics, beau cracy and professional arena of Bangladesh.

 An ordinary citizen




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