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Separation of Judiciary(3): the independent journey begins on 1 November 2007 November 2, 2007

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Ultimately the Judiciary is separated from the Executive with the formal inauguration of Dhaka District Judicial Magistracy and Dhaka Metropolitan Magistracy by the Chief Adviser Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. The ceremony which was held in China Bangladesh Friendship Centre was attended by Chief Justice Ruhul Amin, Law Adviser, Ex Chief Justices, foreighn dignitaries, present judges and high officials and dignified citizens.

The CA hoped that the day will serve as a glorious milestone for advancing the rule of law in the country. He also said that there could be initial challenges with the massive task of separating the two branches of power, including staff shortages and physical infrastructure.

He also added that separation of judiciary must be complemented by the reforms in the police, courts and the legal profession. The executive magistrate will remain a necessary component for maintaining law and order.

Chief justice Ruhul Amin appreciated the present Government for separating the Judiciary from the executive which was a constitutional obligation and ignored by the past governments. He also added that judicial magistrate have to justify the ir separation from the executive by restoring public confidence in the judiciary. He also hoped hat executive will extend effective supporting role.

Law Adviser Moinul Hussain said the separation is giving more responsibility to the judges to uphold justice and ensure good governance. He said that rights and liberty guaranteed by the constitution is useless if the judiciary is not free and independent to protect such rights and liberty.

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Ref: Daily Star 2/11/07



1. Shoaib Alam - November 3, 2007

i don’t mean to make a big deal but this has been bothering me since the telecast of the ceremony on BtV. this was a state function…so why was everyone speaking in English? wouldn’t speaking in Bengali reach far more people in our country..just a thought.

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