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Trial of war criminals: the burden on the Caretaker Government November 6, 2007

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Different political parties, groups and individuals are continuing condemnation of the opinion expressed by Jamat-e-Islami leaders on the Liberation war.

Sector Commanders formed a forum to take initiative against the war criminals. They have formed a fact finding committee and urged all to submit the evidence of war crimes to them.. They lamented the past governments for their compromise with the war criminals and made them responsible for the political rehabilitation of war criminals. They expressed that they will file cases against the war criminals and continue the legal battle.

Ekaturer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee also condemned the statement of Jammat-e-Islami and said that people would give judgement against the war criminals in the next election.

AL has demanded the trial of the war crimes and demanded the banning of Jamaat-e-Islami and they expressed the same in dialogue with the Election Ccommission.

BNP new General Secretary Major(Rt) Hafiz Uddin said that war criminals are to be find out, many of them may be died. But to a question about forming election alliance with the war criminals he said that this is an issue the decision of which should have to be made collectively.

DU teachers formed a human chain and demanded the trial of the war criminals.

CEC said that the participation of the war criminals in the election is unwanted. But it is the Government who will have to take decision on the matter.

Jamaat –e-Islami in a statement reiterated its stand that there is no war criminal in Bangladesh. They said that the then Government after liberation had handed over approximately 1 lac. Pakistani soldiers as war criminals to India. Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman then declared amnesty except those who are accused of killing, rape, arsenal. As there was no case against anybody so they are claiming that there is no war criminal in the country.

Chief Adviser (CA) Dr Fakhrudin Ahmed said, the Caretaker Government would welcome if any aggrieved person moves legally for the trial of the war criminals, reports UNB.

Many appreciated the positive attitude expressed by the Chief of the Care taker Government.

Workers party said that it is the duty of the caretaker government to identify and punish the war criminals who committed crime against humanity, not any individual. The speakers at a discussion meeting of Supreme Court Bar Association asked the Government to form a special tribunal to try the war criminals and vowed to eliminate war criminals from the country through legal process.Dr. Kamal Hussain said that war criminals can be tried by the existing law and government should take initiative in this regard. Many other socio-political organizations kept on demanding that special tribunals be formed to try war criminals.All are demanding trial and few are also blaming the political parties for their failure to try the war criminals and for accommodating them in their political campaign. Suddenly the trial of war criminal becomes important. Is their any legal scope for trial of war criminals? How all these years have passed? Where were all these politicians? Will the CTG take up the burden and give priority to the issue? Will it be possible for them to deal with the issue by December 2008? Or will CTG propose for extension of time of its tenure to try the war criminals? Will political parties and the people accept the delay of the election for the trail of the war criminals?

An ordinary citizen

Post Script: 11 Nov 07

Ghatak Dala Nirmul Committe and Projonmma 71 in a discussion meeting asked the Government to form a War Crime Tribunal to arrange trial for the war criminals. Kabir Chowdhury asked the Government to try atleast 7-8 war criminals who are known us and whose crimeare documented in papers and periodicals.

Barrister Moinul Hussain, Law Adviser to the Care Taker Government said in an interview to a channel, this government is not for trial of the war criminals. The next elected political government can take up the issue and arrange trial for them.

Soucre: Prothom Alo 10 Nov 2007

an ordinary citizen

Post script: 13 Nov 07

Freedom fighters, political leaders and members of the civic group criticized the law adviser stand on the trial of war criminals.

On sunday Law adviser commented that those who run the government for th last 36 years and didn’t take any attempt to punish the war criminals, they should be tried first. He also said that as they could wait for 36 years, they could wait for 2 more years.

Suranjit Sen Gupat said that Mainul Hussain himself is guilty as he also signed the bill as a member opf parliament in 1973 which granted general amnesty to the people who worked against the liberation of Bangladesh.


16 Nov 2007

The Daily Star in its editorial  on 14 Nov 07  said, ” Despite the Law Adviser’s views on the matter, it is not yet too late to decide that the issue of war criminals be handled at the government level and how best to proceed should form a part of thinking at the highest level”.He also added ,” We realise that the government being caretaker in nature and therfore bound by a time frame, may not able to complete the task”. But the editorial hoped that it can lay a foundation upon which the future elected government can work.

Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed on 15 Nov 07 in a meeting of exchange of views with the journalists of the electronic media said that the trial of the war criminals is a logical issue. But Caretaker Government main objective is to hold a free and fair election by 2008 and as already many times has passed, it is now not possible to take up such a big issue for the government. He however hoped that the next elected political government will settle the issue when they come to the power.



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