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‘Doctrine of necessity’ and verdict of Election Commision on selection of mainstream BNP November 8, 2007

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CEC Shamsul Huda said that they used ‘Doctrine of necessity’ in selection of the mainstream BNP.

In explaining the term he said that the BNP constitution only authorizes the chairperson to convene the meeting of the standing committee and to take major decisions. As Khaleda Zia in the jail and she cannot convene the meeting, so the standing committee members convened a meeting by themselves and took decision to run the party and the EC accepted their decision. So, Saifur-Hafiz committee has been invited from the EC to the dialogue on the reform of the election process.

Earlier the Secretary of Election Commission Humayn Ahmed said that the EC unanimously took the decision. He cited the constitution of BNP and said that natural justice was not followed in expulsion of Mannan Bhuiyan from the post of General Secretary. He also said that the decision of the standing committee was taken by the majority of the members.

The other group led by Delwar Hussain and Hannan Shah reacted vehemently to the decision of the EC and said if the EC does not withdraw it they will fight in the court against the decision. A Gahni, an Aviser to Khaleda Zia and member of the Standing Committee also disown his support to the decision of the Standing Committee.

Different people reacted differently to the verdict of the EC. The Daily Star in its editorial on 7 November 2007 also lamented the decision saying that it will create more trouble for the EC. EC would have been better take legal opinion before inviting a particular faction.

CEC said that the party in question could not come to a decision or to a compromise; EC had to take the decision by itself.

The ordinary citizen also thinks, if there is any misjudgment by the EC, the aggrieved party can seek the support of the court and the controversy will be settled for all. But as the court may take longer time than the expectation of many of us, let the EC continue the walk along its own road map.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script: 9 November 2007

I have gone through today’s editorial of the Prothom Alo where it suggested that the EC could ask both the factions for dialogue and could delay the controversy that arises now. This option has some merit and EC should clarify its position and justify its decision.

An ordinary citizen

13 Nov 07

CEC said that they have taken the right decision in inviting a faction of BNP. They have taken the decision on the basis of the party constitution and  the convention. he added they had to take the decision now , otherwise they would have to sit with more factions of the different political parties and factionism would have been encouraged.

He said that there may be controversies where you have to take decision between two conflicting groups.

If any faction go the court we shall accept the verdict the court on the issue.




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