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Confessions and inner psyche of a killer November 9, 2007

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The Channel Eye has telecasted an interview on 7 November 2007 in ‘Tritia Matra’ with Lt. Col (Retr) Rashid, condemned killer of Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman. Following excerpts are taken from the Daily Star which printed part of the interview on the Daily Star in its 8th November 2007:

“The current situation in Bangladesh, I think, has totally unmasked all those who have done politics in Bangladesh till date.”

“I feel and I believe I am responsible to Allah for everything. I have not done anything so far that might harm the country or the people. And I am confident that I can justify my actions before Allah that I was true and sincere to my purpose and actions

“I feel I am well even after the damage done to me in different ways because of my confidence and inner strength and because I always work for the truth and because Bangladeshi people loves me. “

“I have the strength by the grace of Allah. I rather took more risks earlier when I went to the liberation war”

“I am not at all worried for that I have been condemned to death. But I believe that no one can do anything to anybody for doing anything. Everything will happen according Allah’s desire.”

“Many now-a-days try to glorify the role of Ziaur Rahman to match the stature of Sheikh Mujib but it has truly no legal validity”

“Awami League thinks Sheikh Mujib is the father of nation as he won the liberation war, and I also believe this.He should be respected for his role in earning the independence. I do not have any objection to term him as the ‘father of the nation’.”

“And what Ziaur Rahman had said (declaration of war over the radio by an Army officer) played a role in strengthening it (liberation war).”

“It would never happen that India wins over Pakistan if we were not in the war. It became easy for the Indian Army to enter Bangladesh as Bangladeshi people allowed to do so.”

“We thank everyone including India for helping us. But it does not mean that that country would sit in our country in the name of liberation war. If that is taken for granted then it was not Liberation war. Sk Mujib had no option then but taking the decision to send them back. If the Indian Army had not gone, they would have had to fight with Bangladeshi people.”

“In the 25 year treaty there was a provision for regular consultation about foreign relations, which was not right for an independent country. …India never wanted to see Bangladesh become an independently rising country.”

“ Those who acted against the Liberation War did it politically. People can make mistakes and do injustice in personal life and politically. But it is always good to forgive when there is any such doubt…I think that (Bangabandhu’s amnesty) was a right decision. And once you have pardoned somebody, you should not want to try him for a second time.”

“The Awami League started its journey well as it had won the election before the war. They were right in forming the government. Then the constitution was formulated following democratic processes. That also went inline with the spirit of Bangladesh Liberation War. But then the government faltered and made mistakes.”

[For detail, the readers are referred to Daily Star 8 November 2007]

An ordinary citizen

Post script: 10 Nov 07

Channel I was supposed to telecast the complete interview in 5 parts. But after telecasting the first part, it stopped further telecasting the interview on the ground that the tape has been damaged.

AL Acting President Jillur Rahman said that the interview  given by a condemned killer in the channel I is not believable. How a fugitive is giving interview to a journalist after so many years?

Jasad leader Inu protested the implication of Col Taher in the killing  of Bangabandhu Sk Mujibur Rahman (which was not printed in the Daily Star) and he suspected that the interview was telecasted  with long term goal in mind.

Wife of  Col Taher also denied the involvemnt of Col Taher in the killing of Bangabandhu.

Khondaker Delwar Hussain, leader of one wing of BNP, in written statement denied the invonvement of Ziaur Rahman inthe killing of Sk. Mujibur Rahman. He said that the statemnt of Col Rashid is wrong and purposeful.

anordinary citizen  


Post script:
Five convicts of Bangabandhu Murder Case were hanged in the early hours of 28th January, 2010 after the supreme count rejected the review petition of the convicts. Earlier President refused their marcy petition.
The convicts are : Farooq Rahman, Shahriar Rashid, Bazlul Huda, AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed, Mohiuddin Ahmed.
But 6 are still remain fugitive: Lt Col Abdur Rashid, Lt Col Dalim, Lt Col Nur Chowdhury, Lt Col Rashed Chy Cap Abdul Mazed, Risalder Moslehuddin Khan.
Most felt relieved, but BNP and Jamaat remain mum.


1. m m miah - June 5, 2008

killer rashid is climing he has done nothing to harm anyone or the country is this adirty politics he and fellow army officers they tried to destroy the country by killing every top politicans the most hienouse is killing four national leaders in jail is this justifies he belongs to allah or he and fellow officers are climings theyve done all this for islam isnt this a dirty politics they didnt show mercy to shiek mujibs family they shoulde know this kinds of act will not forgiven by anyone in this civilise world nor almighty allah they deserve punishment in the earth and finaly to allah

2. Nam - November 21, 2009

It is great sadness and shame that the people of this country then in 1975 could not do anything to avenge the bloody murder of our father of the nation. It is also a shame for all those who still associate themselves with the killers and their family members who still trying to justify their heinous crime. It is our duty to pay respect to the person who have contributed much for our independence (Sk.Mujibur Rahman) and do everything necessary to condemn people link Col. Rashid and Major Dalim. On another note, it is due to killer’s act that we still stand as an under developed country otherwise I believe we would be the likes of Malaysia, therefore we should make sure these people are not spared and that no one (civilian or military) gets a chance to conduct such heinous act again.

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