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Local Government elections should be free from party politics November 12, 2007

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The present government is taking preparation for the election of the local bodies. These are in the urban set up the election of the city corporations and municipalities, in the rural set up the election of the union parishad and upazilla parishad.

Both the Awami league and BNP expressed their willingness to participate in the local body elections.

Though at one time AL Acting president Zillur Raman said that the present government should not convene the local body elections. It is not their duty, they should only do voter list and the national election.

Recently Zillur Rahman said that now it seems that Government is determined to hold local body elections. AL has asked its workers and local leaders to organize themselves for the local body elections. They were even discussing the probable candidates for the city corporations and different aspirants are started lobbying for their expected post.

Major(Rtd) Hafizuddin also expressed their willingness to compete in the local body elections.

The ordinary citizen like to see the least political involvement in the local body elections. Government should take necessary measures to make it free from party politics. The media also take steps not to give political colour to the local body elections. The media had a tendency to tag political identity to the candidates/winners, the practice of which should be abandoned. The public also should be encouraged to judge the candidates on the competency and commitment of the candidates to the development of the local constituencies, not on his party colour.

The people must come out of the illusion of the party politics specially in judging the members /chairman of the local bodies.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script: 13 Nov 07

The LGRD Adviser has said yesterday that government is thinking of conducting the local body elections and the national elections on the same day to minimize the cost of election expenditure. This is in contrast to the earlier declaration of the Election Commission that declared that the EC will hold the local body election with the completion of the voter list in that respective area. EC was also asserted that this exercise would give the EC the necessary competency to hold the election commission. To hold both the elections on the same day is also different from the practice of earlier local body elctions.

The ordinary citizen thinks that the election date should be determined by the EC and if LGRD ministry has any alternate proposal then it should place the proposal to the EC first.

The ordinary citizen also thinks that the same day elections will hamper the none political character of the local body elections that we are thinking.

an ordinary citizen


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