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MPs should only be law makers November 14, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ELECTION.
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Aspiration of political leaders in our country is to become Member of Parliament In recent years more and more businessmen,, retired beaucrates, retired army officers and active or retired professionals are coming into the race.

To be an MP opens up the roads to many opportunities. He is at the same time a law maker/policy maker , virtually chief executive of his constituency and executioner of the development fund.

As the all the power and privileges are concentrated in the single hand in a sense, there is every chance of exploitation of the privilege of the position. This is in fact has given the surge of corruption by the politicians in our country.

The ordinary citizen thinks that a member of parliament should only be the law maker or policy maker. He should not be given executive assignment except for the ministers who would be the executive head of their respective ministries and the prime minister who would be the head of the state and will carry out the job as assigned by the constitution. The MP at best will play advisory role in different committees of his constituency and be member of the different committees of the parliament.

This segregation of role of law making will discourage the money hungry politicians and black moneyed businessmen and illiterates for becoming MP, on the other hand it will encourage seasoned politicians, intellectuals and literates to compete for the post. The civil society representatives also will get the opportunity to trade the path .

The other people who prefer executive status and prefer to involve with developmental activities they should be given the opportunity to participate in the local body elections at the upazilla and zilla level.

This separation of role of law making from role of political executives will make our parliament more vibrant and more effective. People will not quarrel in the parliament on political issues in the budget sessions days after days.


An ordinary citizen


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