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Hurricane Sidr strikes Bangladesh November 16, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, CLIMATE, Sidr.

Following are the images of Hurricane Sidr as it crossing from the Bay of Bengal through Bangladesh.

hurricane-sidr-coming.jpgPlease link for details Daily Star report on Hurricane Sidr.

An ordinary citizen

Updated: 31 Dec 2007

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News link:
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1. কাপালিক - November 17, 2007

All of us should act as soon as possible for the victims..

2. BOBBY - November 20, 2007

wow…thats just bad luck lol

3. Sara - November 20, 2007

Ppl who see natural desaters as funny “bad luck”. it’s no joke a lot of ppl have lost family and friends to this desater. Things don’t just happen everything has a reason. Pray for those in need.

4. Selam - November 23, 2007

Such areas which are likely to be hit by huricanes or any natural disaster for that matter need mitigation methods and ways of preventing such destructions. Personally we need to adress this in a more realistc way.
1 well bangladesh is one of those LEDC’s and this means the aftermath effects the country more than the huricanne itself…so give all the support and donations we can
2 well eventually Bangladesh will have some methods of preventing the effects after the huricane(you can save your kids your belongings you can’t run with your home) not on a large scale although small evacuation systems and food shelter and water storage areas.

…..a huricane isn’t somethhing that you can prevent…… althought the effects can be decreased

5. robert - November 27, 2007

me too.

6. bob - December 16, 2007

i am very lucky i dont get hurricanes

7. Tito - May 14, 2008

I experienced it two weeks after i had gone to Bangladesh from Los Angeles. No electricity no water no shower for days. In 1994 a big earthquake hit LA and i experienced it too. Comparing these two disasters i would say this was a dooms day for that nite. Dead people were floating on the water with animals. Imagine that Bob you will get the picture..

8. faz - November 18, 2009

hope no more lol

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