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In support of Sidr victims, in support of Bangladesh November 19, 2007

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hurricane-sidr-4.jpgWith With the death toll rising and total devastation of the south, Bangladesh is trying to come out of the destruction.


The rescue, relief and rehabilitation are being coordinated at the highest level- the Advisory Council of the Care Taker Government. Chief Adviser has cancelled weekly holiday on the day after the Cyclone night. The Ministry of Relief and Rehabilitation and Disaster Management, Ministry of Establishment , Ministry of Telecommunication and Ministry of Roads and Communication are given special instruction to carry on the work for rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the people and the to reconstruct the infrastructure of the affected area.

The Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force personals are also participating parallel with the civil administration in the rescue and relief operations of the cyclone victims. Dozens of Army helicopters, ships and boats are engaged in the operation.

Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Army Chief Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed are visiting the area. Yesterday President Yazuddin distributed relief to a affected area.


Red Cross and other international NGOs and National NGOs are working among the destitute people. The expatriates abroad are collecting donations for the victim.


But the major political parties are conspicuously absent from the effort. While the people and Government are physically and emotionally engaged in the rescue and relief work, they are busy with their own agenda.


USA, UK and many friendly countries are extending their hands for the Victim and for Bangladesh.


World Bank and other international organizations also pledge for donation for Bangladesh.


We hope that with the support of people and with the participation of the Government, national and international organizations and friendly countries Bangladesh will be able to overcome the catastrophe.


For further reading please link Daily Star, Prothom Alo, BBC, CNN, Yahoo.



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