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Struggle of a country with the impact of Hurricane Sidr November 22, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, CLIMATE, POLITICS, Sidr.

memory-hunts.jpgIt was difficult to reach the remostest area in the first few days. But now Army claimed that they has reached the most distant area. It is also a struggle to help the cyclone victims.

But mere reaching to the last resort is not the end of the effort, equally important is to sustain the support and the ordinary citizen is at his wit’s end how the Government would able to feed millions of people even atleast for few days. As the Chief Adviser said it needs the participation of all. Bangladesh alone will not be able to cope with the task. The ordinary citizen is feeling a litttle relief with the introduction of VGP card to supply sustain relief to the affected families from Dec 1. But what about before that?.

It is a crisis of humanity. The world as a whole would need to participate actively. The world is responding by supplying relief by different means. Local organisations have come forward. Yesterday the ambassadors and representative of different countries visited the affected area to see the magnitude of destructioin. They were apalled by the scene of devastation of human and nature.

Finance Adviser is worried regarding the impact on the economy in the coming future with two consecutive floods and a devastating cyclone in the same year.

In this struggle for survival, the response and perticipation of the politicians of the country is very poor which is in total contrast to the perception of the common people. They (the old politicians or the old system of politics) are proving themselves unworthy in the new situation of Bangladesh.

Today’s Links: Daily Star, Prothom Alo, BBC, CNN,

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