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HIV is creeping up-check it now December 2, 2007

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[Personal thoughts] The number of HIV cases  in Bangladesh is increasing. The official figure in 1989 was only 1, in 2006 it was 874; in 2007 it is over 1000; the unofficial number that is estimated by the WHO agencies was more than 13000 in 2006.

Bangladesh is in risk for HIV because of lack of knowledge of HIV among the common people, poor perception of risk of HIV among the vulnerable group, gradually increasing in number of the vulnerable group- sex workers, drug addicts, homosexuals, transfusion dependent patients etc, lack of universal screening of HIV of the donors before transfusion, unsafe sexual practice, high prevalence of HIV in our surrounding states and easy migration of people across the border.

As HIV is a dangerous disease and the treatment is costly and beyond the reach of even the middle class people, the maximum effort should be directed to the prevention of the infection.

We are spreading need of awareness among all ages of people but our effort should be more targeted in some areas. All the people should be aware of the infection and special awareness program should be targeted to the vulnerable group and these special groups should be covered 100% within a short time. The perception of risk should be clear to all specially the vulnerable group.

To ensure the safe blood transfusion, the donor blood at each time should be screened for HIV each time. This screening service should be provided free at the level of all laboratories by the government with the help of international donors/agencies.

The workers who are going abroad for jobs they should be screened for HIV at their departure and on their returning back to the country for short or long stay.

HIV screening should not only be made regularly among the sex and other reachable groups such as track drivers but a sort of HIV-free certificates should be made mandatory for the sex workers.

Drug addicts should be identified and rehabilitated and awareness should be developed regarding relation between HIV and drug addiction. Homosexuality and unsafe sex practice should be discouraged and our religious leaders should take more active part in campaign against HIV.

We should be more cautious and halt the spread of HIV before it goes beyond our control and we have to adjust the international prescription according to our culture, religion and reality.

An ordinary citizen


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