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Bali climate change conference and Bangladesh December 8, 2007

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UN climate Summit started at Bali with thousands of delegates from more than hundred countries attending the summit from 3rd December 2007and will continue upto 14th instant. The objective of the summit is to cut the carbon emission by the industrialized countries and to prevent the climate change which is already affecting the developing countries most and started to affect global environment.

The Kyoto protocol targeted the reduction of carbon emission below 5% of 1990 level which will end in 2012 but major countries like USA which are mostly responsible for the green house effect didn’t sign the protocol.

The policy that is declared by Bush this time also didn’t acclaimed by the scientists and environmentalist. Rather the stand taken by the China to reduce the carbon emission appreciated by them. Though there was demand for the compensation of the affected countries from the carbon emitting countries, the demand was not considered but some sort of development fund is being created by the developed countries to lessen the damage done to the affected countries by cyclone, water surge, deforestation and draught.

Though in many countries, the people are marching on the streets to raise the awareness about the climate change and to press the demand to reduce carbon emission, in Bangladesh, one of the most affected countries of the world, people are occupied by the devastation occurred by the Hurricane Sidr, the fiercest product of the Climate change so far.

Very recently a forum in Bangladesh estimated the damage done by the Hurricane Sidr to 300m US $ and demanded compensation from the developed countries proportionate to the their contribution to the climate change.

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