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All local body elections must be held before parlimentatry election December 8, 2007

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Tofayel Ahmed, not the politician but a local government expert wrote an interesting article in Prothom Alo on local government elections where he argued that the parliamentary election is not a precondition for holding the local government elections.

He placed this proposition when the Election Commission is thinking to defer the local body elections after the general election and to be hold by the next political government. This is in contradiction to the earlier stand declared by the election commission that the local body election would be held before the national election. At that time different political parties opposed the idea.

In an earlier post we also argued in favour of local body elections to be held under the Caretaker Government to keep it free from political party dominance and to base it on local issues and agendas. We cannot expect it in a election held under a political government.

Another point which Mr. Tofayel raised in his article is to select the chairman or mayor of the local bodies on the basis of indirect voting by the members of the union parishad or by the commissioners of the city corporations/municipalities. This sounds new to us but if it is practiced in West Bengal where democracy is more deep rooted and more representative, our Government can judge the merit of the suggestion.

Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, a leader of civil society, expressed his opinion in favour of holding the local government elections in differetn areas as soon as their tanure is over and voter listing is completed. He argued that unnecesssary extension of the tenure to the unlelected persons will have no accountability and will encourage corruption.

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Parliament Election is not a precondition for local government elections[PA]

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