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Rangs Building collapse: Human Rights Groups should take up the issue December 15, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.
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rangs-builging-collapse.jpg Fig: waiting for the deads

Rangs building collapsed on the dead of the night of 8th December 2007 while part of the 17th floor caved in demolishing floors beneath it upto the 3rd floor. 12 persons have been killed and 100 injured. Rajuk, the Development Authority of the capital under whose supervision the whole work is going on, only started the rescue work from 13th December 2007. By this time, corpses started to decompose and air becomes heavy with the cry of the children and relatives of the deceased.


Nobody would suppress his emotion while a dead man hanging through the collapse of a floor and his son crying for the dead father and longing for the corpse.


But who is responsible for this pathetic scene? The contract was given to Six Star for demolition. Had the firm enough experience to carry out a gigantic work of demolition of a huge building? It is said that this is the first time in Bangladesh that such a huge, intact and strong building is needed to be demolished. Then why foreign expertise was not utilized?


Now it is found that code for demolition was not followed properly in this case. The work of demolition was not assessed properly; the work was going on unsupervised, in the dead of the night and without protection for the pediatricians and for the neighbors. Few sporadic incidents also occurred earlier but nobody hinted.


Who will compensate dead and how much? And the procedure should be challenged. I think Human Rights groups should come forward and take up the issue. People shouldn’t die in such a way whoever they may be.

An ordinary citizen


1. anonymous - December 20, 2007

Hey BDoza, the answer to your question on who is responsible for this tragedy is “you” and people like you who supported the destruction of the building without knowing anything about it.

What are you complaining about, huh? Your previous comments on the demolition before is supportove to this careless gov’t and its agencies. So, you should shut up in shame. You don’t care about the poor people. How many poor people did you give employment to? Huh? You guys just talk big and do nothing. People who want to do something for the country you want to bring thme down, because you don’t have athe inteeligence or the capacity of doing anything constructive, and cry like a little baby. People like you rallied behind the idiots, crying corruption, corruption without doing any simple research on finding the facts. Just like a rajakar did in the 71 war. You are a classic example of little knowledge is dangerous.

So shut up and stop displaying your fake sympathy and keep rallying behind your useless gov’t.

2. bdoza - December 21, 2007

Thanks for your comment though it is more emotional than logical.

Regarding demolition, the ordinary citizens have virtually no hand in it ;it is the decision of the Supreme Court on whose judgment the construction of the upper floors of Rangs Building was decided illegal. Sure, you are not going to ask the supreme court ‘to shut up in shame;the SC don’t care about the poor people and don’t understand the laws of the land!’

We appreciate the role of the entrepreneurs in our economy but no laws in any country will allow them to defy the regulations in the name of public service or businesses.There is no room to pretend yourself as the only saver of this country. There are many people who are doing their best for the country in their own fields.

By the way, the death of dozen of persons in the demotion work in no way justify that the judgment on demolition by the Supreme Court was itself wrong. If you say so, then it will go against the court and you will be guilty of contempt of court.

Your sentences at times crosses the decency of language which proves itself that you are on the wrong foot.

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