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After Hurricane Sidr a different Eid December 21, 2007

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More than a month is over- Hurricane Sidr devastated the south of Bangladesh. The life of the affected are still in disarray. The memory of the deadly night are still haunting them. The pain of the loss of children, parents or other relatives are still with them. They are to survive on the food supplied by the government or nongovernmental agencies. They are to sleep in the makeshift shelters not enough to lessen the bite of the cold of the winter nights. Their means of livelihood destroyed and they are searching ways to restart a new life.

In such a sad scenario, the festival of Eid ul Azha came.. When the simple daily living is difficult how they will buy cattle and sacrifice them and enjoy the festival.

Bangladesh is trying to overcome the grief by sharing with the Sidr victims. The religious leaders urge the affluent to donate the extra money to the affected people. The government has also taken special steps to collect the meat from the people of the unaffected area to distribute it to the distressed people of the Sidr area. People are donating generously to relief funds of Chief Adviser and of Chief of Army. Many individuals are also physically going to the Sidr area to share their means with the victims.

Probably all these efforts would not be enough to remove the miseries, still on the day of the EID, we pray for all the departed souls and seek strength from Almighty to survive the devastation through patience and sharing.

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