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Paris Exhibition, controversies and final judgment by the Supreme Court December 21, 2007

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paris-exibition.jpgControversy developed when a contract was signed between the Ambassador of France and the Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh to send 188 archaeological items to Paris for exhibition in GUIMET Museum, Paris.

Though such exhibition is not a new one and artworks from many other countries have been displayed before in the museum but some art lovers from Bangladesh stood against the display, expressed their fear of lost, theft, replication, even accident on the way, in the press conference and filed a case in the high Court to ban the movement.

Though Ministry of Cultural Affairs tried their best to convince the people who were against the movement and the French Ambassador himself gave the assurance from his government, many critics remain unconvinced. Ultimately full bench of Supreme Court had to give judgment to permit the government to send the items for exhibition in Paris.

The lawyer in favour of plaintiff said that they are not against the exhibition but what they want is the transparency of the process and security of the items.

But even after the Supreme Court given the permission, some people tried to obstruct the final passage of the items to Paris from the National Museum.

All this controversies make the exhibition delayed to 9th January which will continue upto 31 st March 2008, the Museum had to say, was beyond their will.

They acknowledged Bangladesh has rich archaeological heritage of great civilizations of centuries in contrast to common perception of a country of natural catastrophe. 4 great religions of the history Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Islam are represented in the archaeological works of Bangladesh.


You may visit the site of the GUIMET Museum and have a look into the activities of the museum.

An ordinary citizen

28 Dec 2007 00-15am

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