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NRBs be better utilized for Bangladesh economy December 28, 2007

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, ECONOMY.
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It is said that there are 4-5 million Non Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) are spread out throughout the world. These expatriates are sending progressively increasing amount of money to our exchequer. This year it is crossing 6 billion US$.

But mere getting money from our expatriates shouldn’t be the end of our objective.

NRBs should be made more associated with our economy and development. Their expertise may be used in the various sectors including business, technology, education, research, agriculture, environment, medical care etc.

The NRBs should be given opportunity to invest in business and industry, special economic zone may be developed for them, joint venture opportunities may be created or their capital may be utilized in business under protected sponsorship.

They can play important role in technological development- their knowledge may be utilized to develop the better infrastructure in IT sector, better linkage with them may be developed through fiber optic network, they may help in developing e-government in our country, may help in developing outsourcing in Bangladesh.

They may help modernize our system of education, improving our curriculum, introducing technological means in our educational system, finding out ways to abolish the discrepancy between our urban and rural education, help to make our universities as centres of excellence.

We are immensely lacking in all field in research. They can inject new blood in our body for research.- in education, agriculture , technology etc. They may establish collaborative program for research between faculties, helps in developing protocols and projects.

In agriculture, their expertise may be utilized in generating high breed seeds for rice and other crops, in developing environment-friendly fertilizers, in finding out ways to combat our food crisis.

They may support us in better energy utilization, in overcoming the energy crisis, in developing new energy and in energy negotiations.

They may help us in protecting our environment from decay and destruction, find out ways to combat the effect of climate change.

They may support us in improving our medical system –the education as well as patients care.

But they should be given opportunity to participate in our policy and planning .

They should also be given the right of voting in our elections.

A separate ministry for NRBs should be formed to utilize the their potential.

An ordinary citizen

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Link : ScholarsBangladesh.com


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2. Sunny - January 30, 2008

NRBs have the urge to go back but facilities should be given to them to utelize their expertis for the good of Bangladesh.

Recently several projects invested by NRbs are on its way inclucing the Probashi Palli and other business ventures. Due to corruption NRbs swayed away from Bangladesh butthanks to the anti-corruption drive they are facing back to BD.


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