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Strengthening local governments: developing alternative leadership January 6, 2008

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A massive conference of the local government representatives was held yesterday in Dhaka where about 10000 representatives attended from all over the country. Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed assured the audience that a strong local government will be formed soon to serve the people at the grassroots’ level. The representatives were informed of the recommendations made by a strong committee of experts headed by former secretary Showkat Ali.

Recommendations include the noninterference of local government institutions by the members of the parliament, formation of the permanent and neutral local government commission, transparency and accountability of the local government institutions, decentralization of the power and authority to develop a partnership oriented democratic system.

CA opined that local government forms the foundation for a strong democratic system. It would be a complementary force for political reform.

The local government institutions didn’t develop strongly in our country as Dr. Akbar Ali Khan said in the conference ‘the elected governments in the past didn’t think of local government to be strong enough’.

Now an opportunity comes to develop the local governments strongly and independently. The local government institutions must be independent, independent of party politics and party interference. Let the local institutions be developed on the basis of local necessities and local development. Let the local leadership be chosen on the competency, integrity, honesty and commitment to the local development than the party banner.

Let the local government leaders be developed as an alternative leadership for our community and country to lead us to develop a new Bangladesh.


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