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Blogging- the beauty of mind January 8, 2008

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You can identify blogging with anything and everything.

Blogging may be a diary- description of one’s daily rituals, or recoding of one’s own thinking. It may be an album – collection of pictures that one is impressed by or pictures that one like to share with others.

Blogging may be the exposition of one’s secret life which in no other way one can express. It may be collection of information on any subject from health to climate which one likes to disseminate to others.

Blogging may be a piece of literature- collection of poems, stories, essays etc. I was much impressed when I came across the blog of Davidbdale who writes beautiful short novels of 299 words only.

Blogging is a way of journalism- a new way, an alternative way of journalism. It may not conform to traditional journalism. But you can report any event – cultural, political, social, and technological or you can describe any event of sports.

You can review any event of any nature. You can points or make counter points on any subject. You can make comment or give your judgment on any issue.

You can develop your blog in the form of a journal or in the format of a newspaper. When you are the only author, then it would be a personal journal. When others are contributing, it would be more varied in presentation and thought.

Blogging is the more free expression of thought – there is none to edit but yourself or if it is a group blogging then at best it will be reviewed by one of your peers.

Blogging has no age bar- from teenage to old; anyone can express his/her views.

Blogging has no class – you may be poor or rich but you will be judged on your content.

For blogging, you need not necessarily be an expert. You may be as ordinary as anything, still you can express yourself.

For blogging, you need not to be always original. You may use your blog to ventilate the views of others.

Blogging should not confine to the amateurs only. The authorities also exert their opinion through blogging.

Not only common people but also the social and political leaders should take the advantage of blogging. I felt glad when President Clinton started a blog ‘Join the Journey’ to change the fate of Africa. Bill Clinton also maintains a personal blog on  in depth analysis of current events, personal stories and humor.

Blog is the expression of modern mind. After 5 years every literate person of the world will have a blog.

So, why not earlier?

An ordinary citizen


1. mcas07 - January 8, 2008

Wonderful..article…! truly… continue writing. can i ask you? what is the benefit of blogging for you? can you send it to me? please… i am writing an article about it due next week. pls send it on chelynxa@yahoo.com or just go visit my site:chelyntorejas.blogspot.com… Thank you… maybe in we can share stories about blogging and the bloggers some time if not busy… till then…

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