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Beginning of second year: compromise or consolidation January 13, 2008

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Caretaker government falls into second year of its governance after passing through a year of ups and down.

The year started with great hope and some reforms  have been done in different sectors but failed to control price of the essentials within the reach of the common people, the inflation increased and investment decreased.

Government kept continued their drive against the corruption amid opposition from political parties and had to arrest hundreds of political leaders including two ex-prime ministers.

It had to overcome two massive floods and one devastating cyclone, in each occasion with little political support and each time with chance of failure on the side of the government.

And government also had to overcome a student unrest which arises out of the clash between the armed forces and some students in the Dhaka University where the teachers also become involved.

It had also changed its strategy to deal with two ex-prime ministers and ultimately put them behind the bar and legal procedures are gong on against them.

Government also overcome workers unrest in garment sectors through negotiations and timely intervention and the labors dissatisfaction in jute mills didn’t turn into violence.

Though the 6 JMB leaders were hanged, no untoward incident occurs in reaction and Special Forces were active against the Islamic terrorist through out the year.

But no political reform took place in the parties and continuity of reforms and continuity of campaign against corruption remain uncertain.

With an experience of one year and a little maturity, will the  government follow a policy of compromise or consolidation?

But government must be tactful in its approach to deal with different issues. One of the issues where government should be more prudent is about the university issue. The arrest of the teachers and students diverted or submerged the issue of teachers and students politics which was more important to be addressed by the caretaker government.

And Government must keep the economy it its control and not burden itself with new agendas.


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