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Dhaka University Violence: unconditional release of teachers & students vs release of teachers after judgment January 17, 2008

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du-violence-mock-jail.jpgThe students of DU under the banner of ‘Students Against Repression’ are continuing different programs for unconditional release of the teachers and students arrested in relation to the violence in the Dhaka University. They conducted silent processions, wear black badges and staged dramas. From yesterday students except the Faculty of Business Studies are boycotting classes for 2 hours. They want release by 18th of this month, otherwise they will start all-out program of class boycot.

A section of the teachers also extended their support to the students program. They are also demanding unconditional release of their colleagues and students. From today they will wear black badges and they said they will also go for tougher program if the demand is not fulfilled. But the Acting President of DUTA (Dhaka University Teachers Association) said that they have no relation with the programs of a section of teachers. They urged to wait for a little longer and said that it is not time to go for such program. A negotiation with the government is going on and Advisery Council also nodded positively regarding the release of the teachers.

In the meantime, the new Adviser for Education Dr. Zillur Rahman said that the Government was considering releasing the teachers by Tuesday whatever the judgment.

But Tuesday have been passed and the court yet not completed its procedures. New adviser for Home Maj Gen (Rt) M A Matin said that judicial procedure may take longer time.

One of the principle the present government is trying to establish ‘None is above the law’.

Deadline of students is about to over.

Will the government compromise their position and release the teachers and students unconditionally or will they wait until the judgment is passed and release the teachers?

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Photo courtesy: Daily Star

News link:

No admission test until teachers, students freed

Daily Star Editorial:Detained teachers & students must be freed

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