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My favourite character-Dr. Akbar Ali Khan January 28, 2008

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r-akbar-ali-khan.jpgI came to know him only when he became the Adviser of the last Caretaker Government in November 2006. From his resume, we are informed that he was secretary of different important ministries including finance and cabinet.

It soon proved that he was one of the influential Adviser the last CTG. He is outspoken and impressive since then.

I am impressed when I heard that he was a freedom fighter. Probably that has given him the confidence which is visibly expressed in his deliberations.

Only few weeks after joining, he resigned from his post of adviser along with three of his colleagues on policy difference as he explained it. It would have been better if he predicted the inevitable before joining.

Though he resigned, he attained a public image by that time. He turned himself as an expert to the public eye on present political issues and in short time he became a media personality.

He almost always is a guest of honour in discussion of different forums, in round table conferences and in talk shows. The opinion expressed by him always carry weight and is given good coverage by the media. Now, he is one of the most quoted men in the press.

Because of his experience and authority, he is taken up by the present Caretaker Government and is made the chairman of the Reform Commission. The Reform Commission is formed to rectify the age old regulations that hinders the business, service and governance as a whole.

In a meeting with Chief Adviser of the CTG recently, he suggested to publish the recommendations in the website so that people and experts can participate in the process.I personally liked the idea very much but the government didn’t materialize it so far.Dr. Akbar Ali Khan recently threatened that if the government does not publish it, he will publish it by himself.

I never heard whether a Commission can publish its recommendations without permission of the government by whom it was appointed.

He cares little for his bosses. He is the boss himself.

He recently said that the tenure of CTG is only of three months according to our constitution(which may embarrass the government) which is in contradiction to the opinion of other legal experts including Dr. Kamal Hussain. He also suggested that the CTG is a non elected government; they should not stay in power for longer period and they should hand over the power to the political government as soon as possible.

Is he a left or right or in between? A man of his stature should not be judged by this simple labeling.

Is he in the government or outside? Is he for the government or against? One may feel confused.

But I still like him.


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