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Shykh Seraj-a man dedicated to revolutionize the agriculture in Bangladesh February 13, 2008

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Shykh Seraj

Shykh Seraj had a program by the name ‘Maati O Manush’ in early 90s in the BTV, the only TV channel in Bangladesh available then. The program was also quite popular then and had workrd as a tool for the boom in poultry, livestock and agriculture in our country. People from all walks of life from farmers to academicians were used to enjoy the program.

For recording and reporting the program he had to visit different corners of the country. I had a small encounter with him when he came to our area to record a poultry farm over the roof and few livestock in the courtyard of a house. The boy who developed the poultry was a university student then. In this way Shykh Seraj motivated thousands of educated young and taught thousands of farmers on modern day technique of farming, the scope of fisheries and the art of poultry and livestock.

With the change of Government in 96, his program stopped and we missed him a lot. But within years he and his friends organized a TV channel and he restarted the program with a new name ‘Hidoye Maatii O Manush. Does the name signify anything? Does it indicate his cherished commitment to his ealier program? Likely.

We, the people of Bangladesh again started to enjoy the progrom with a new vision on agriculture and agriculturist.

In recent months the Adviser for Agriculture Dr. S. Karim also attended many field programs with Shykh Seraj and both tried to motivate people for better use of fertilizer, for better agriculture and to convey the message of the government to bridge up the difference between the farmers and the government.

We also enjoyed the programs recorded on the soil of other countries like China and see how agricultural and business opportunities may be created.

His recent introduction is the ‘ Krishsi Katha’ (News on Agriculture) as a component of regular news bulletin in Channel Eye, which is informing people and policy makers with progress and problems of agriculture in Bangladesh.

His presentation is unique and encouraging.. One of the best presentations to me is ‘Agriculture and farmers in Budget.’. He also talked with the Council of Advisers and Chief Adviser and made presentations before them on how to make the budget agriculture-friendly.

This man has been working relentlessly to revolutionize agriculture in our country deserves a national recognition. The government should think over it.

One of the sad scenarios in our country is that we don’t and can’t recognize a man when he deserves most for any case. We only recognize when someone else from outside world recognizes one.

The agricultural organizations and institutions should also ponder over his contribution and recognize him and support him to better disseminate his ideas to the people.

Shykh Seraj represents the spirit of ‘New Bangladesh’- a nonpartisan and more professional approach to solve the basic problems of Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

27 Feb 2008

Channel Eye of which Shayeek Siraj is one of the senior Executives declared Krishi Medal for 2008 and Keramat Ali who changes the fate of thousands of farmers by pioneering shrimp cultivation in southern Bangladesh got the prize.

4 Mar 2008

Shykh Siraj has recently presented few episodes from the sea in Thiland and from Vietnam. In Thailand episodes he projected the scientific utilization of the sea fish and mney earned by it. The Vietnam episodes described the dramatic improvement of agriculture in Vietnam by utilising the river resources, hybrid crops and use of local technology to improve their agriculture.

12 March 2008

Last few days SJ was telling from the ‘Haor area’ of Kishorganj where vast water areas remain underutilised and the fishermen and farmers are suppressed by the money lenders.

14 March 2008

He was speaking on the better seed availability to the farmers. Governmnet organisations can only supply part of the need and the quality of the seed is not good also. To compensate the deficit, a private initiative ‘Barendra seed production Project’ is producing seeds and also giving training to the farmers.

5 May 2008

SS is now working on improving the health care service of the farmers in collaboration with Japan Bangladesh friendship Hospital.

28 Ocober 2009
When the ordinary citizen was feeling frustrtaed over the lack of response from the Government and other acdemic institutions to recognise the contribution of Shykh Seraj, FAO the UN body on food and agriculture bestowed it’s award on him.[Ds]


1. nabid - May 2, 2008

can anyone give his biography? when and where he was born?

2. bdoza - October 28, 2009

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