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A day in the Softexpo in Dhaka February 18, 2008

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It was 16th February 2008. I wanted to have a view of the Softexpo exhibition organized by BASIS in the China–Bangladesh Friendship Conference Centre.

It was a grand assembly of the organizations beyond my expectations.

Stalls were more than 150 and of different categories. But most of the them are those who are working on software development. They are developing business and other solutions.

There are organizations who are working on outsourcing. Hope that outsourcing will be increased with time in Bangladesh and would be a good source of income for our IT industry.

Works is also advancing in animation. Projects are also ongoing for products of animation for other countries.

University students are also demonstrating their skill in software development. The enthusiasms in the students are praiseworthy. A student from IIUC developed a giant robot which has drawn attention of many and a contact is undergoing with a company in Australia.

A stall also demonstrating a device to identify fake notes from the real ones and which may be of use in treasuries, banks and business organizations.

I also stepped in ‘somewhere in’ where in the middle of the room a rickshaw was displayed to project their given importance on the local culture. ‘Somewhere in’ is the bangla blog platform which has magnified bangla bogging many a times. Rashid Zaman, a young chap with the responsibility of head of communication demonstrated me their objectives and mode of work.

In the seminar hall, there were a number of discussion groups were exploring the possibilities between local organizations and foreign partners. When I was in there was a Danish team, a Japanese delegate and UK representatives busy in discussion with possible local partners.

I was impressed with the show. People are working hard in the sector without much corporate support and governmental patronization.

Over the years, governments were more rhetorical than doing something more substantial. They may cite some of the deeds they have accomplished, but in comparison to other counties, those are not comparable.

The ordinary citizen feel that it is one the areas where Bangladesh would shine if get proper nourishment.

An ordinary citizen



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