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A General’s concern for Bangladesh February 21, 2008

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He came to the focus of attention of people when 3 chiefs of army before 1/11 met with the President Iajuddin and urged him to dissolved the past care taker government and made the background for Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed to take oath as the Chief Adviser of the new caretaker government and end one of the chaotic stage of our history.

It was understood that the new caretaker government is blessed with the support of the powerful Army of Bangladesh.

Later he became vocal in expressing his thoughts and ideas in different meeting with the army or in public gatherings. Some of his ideas which created much discussions are his thoughts on Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman and ex-Presdient Ziaur Rahman and to put them in true perspective of the history. The moves in this respect was appreciated by all.

The other issues which also stirred the nation was his comment on the trail of the war criminals where he says that they should be tried. Though similar ideas was expressed by the Chief Adviser, but the present government so far couldn’t materialize the idea due to legal and political complexities.

He was always vocal against corruptions and said many a times that this government will make the country and politics corruption free.
But his comments on the bankers where he said that the bankers are creating panic among the business communities caused resentment.

During the devastating floods of mid 2007, he visited the flood hit areas, personally distributed the relief and lamented the political parties for their reluctance in participation in the relief work. He spared time to collect donations from different individuals and organizations for the flood victims.

Regarding the relation between the Army and present caretaker government, he emphasized that the army is not running the country. It is a civil government as permitted by the constitution and the Army is doing what it is asked to do by the government.

When Barrister Moinul Hussain, ex Law Adviser of the present CTG once said that this government is army backed civil government, he instantly opposes the idea. Though in the public perception there is always an integration of Army in the present caretaker government.

The best acceptable philosophy on the composition of the present care taker government was expressed by Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in his address in the UN Assembly where he said that the present government is an example of civil-military cooperation which may be followed by other developing countries. General Moeen didn’t contradict his version.

Few weeks later General Moeen himself went on a visit to USA and in addition to his official attendance he met Bangladeshi communities and the press where he answered frequent questions on Bangladesh. He denied any aspiration of him of becoming the Chief of the state. In reply to a question of Sajib Wajed, he said that he will be glad more than anyone   if Hasina come out of the trial innocent.

A controversy regarding his loan from a bank was at the same time a prime issue among the bloggers, the allegation which he denied. The ordinary citizen could not make the end of it.

In Sidr, General Moeen and Chief Adviser FAA made several visits to the affected area and General Moeen urged the political parties to participate with all out efforts in support of the affected people.

He recently reiterated that Army will play important roles in conducting fair election as designed by the caretaker government.

He again said that he has no intention to become the President of the country

But people is not at ease even after his repeated assurance of not coming to power.

In the launching ceremony of his book ‘Selected Collections by Moeen U Ahemd’ he said that Bangladesh needs its own brand of democracy as it could not follow the Westminster type of democracy correctly and in full. But he didn’t go into details of his ideas of the new brand of democracy for Bangladesh. He is also hopeful of unity in national crisis as the nation already showed unity in crisis like sidr.

He is in favour of National Security Council. When asked earlier, he said that when time comes, he will comment on the issue.

Does the time come?

But I shall never forget a comment by bjoernlasse in one of my blog post long before where he/she said ‘its a play with the fire – and this situation is not unique to Bangladesh. There were many countries with a similar situation ending in somewhat of a fascist dictatorship. Lets hope that the military really is this open minded and self sacrificing regime : for the people. It would really be great if your connotation is true.’

An ordinary citizen


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